Manage your risk, intelligently.
Whether you're looking to manage CYBER risk, or evaluate your security posture for vulnerabilities, we're here to help.
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Cyber Security is not optional.
Cyber attacks can cause on average $1.5 billion to a company, with our advanced tools & techniques, we can block the attack before it happens.
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Neutralize threats before they hit.
Award winning cybersecurity solutions for government clients, as well as business of all sizes.
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Average amount of time it takes to identify and contain a breach (*Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach Report. Sponsored by IBM, 2019)


Average amount of time it takes to identify and contain a breach (*Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach Report. Sponsored by IBM, 2019)


Average cost paid per stolen/lost record containing sensitive or confidential information (*Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach Report. Sponsored by IBM, 2019)

How can we help!

Cyber Governance Services

•Cyber strategy framework •Cyber Threat and Risk Planning •Cyber Business Continuity and Services Recovery Planning •Cyber Training, Awareness and Employee Planning •Privacy advisory service •CISO as a Service

Cyber Watch

•Brand Monitoring •Fake Apps monitoring •Detection of restricted corporate information outside the office •Web fraud detection •Cyber Threats intelligence •Anti phishing •Early Cyber Attack warning •Advanced threat Intelligence •Social Media Analytics Service

Cyber Check

•Penetration testing •Vulnerability Management •Threat Resiliency Analysis •User Awareness Analysis •Red team, Cyber Simulation and War Gaming •Software Development Life-cycle

Cyber Data Protect

•Managed Network/ Email Data Leakage Detection and Containment •Managed Endpoint Breach Protection •Managed Advanced Threat, Malware Threat Management Services •Information and Threat Resiliency

Cyber Monitor

•Log & compliance management •Malware and Emerging Threat monitoring •Event correlation and incident notification •Event hunting and Analytics •Threat triage

Cyber Incident Response

•Incident Support and Recovery •Incident and Crisis Management •Forensics and Advanced Threat Analysis •Breach Respond and Recovery •Litigation Support •Response, Eradication, Hardening and Resiliency

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In early 2010, a team of young cyber security enthusiasts recognized a growing need for security and privacy of computer communications with the federal governments going paperless and enterprises racing to have a presence on the ubiquitous Internet. Many organizations embraced the Internet with no thought of the vulnerabilities created by unprotected electronic access. With this, they founded Hacker Halted in a small basement office. Their mission was to create proactive countermeasures to malicious network attacks through deployment of industry-leading services; and provide cutting-edge research and development of proactive security technology products. As opposed to security remaining a game of catch-up, our approach would help clients stay one step ahead of the hackers and the growing number of network threats.









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Hackers Halted

Since 2010, we have been applying the cutting edge of technology to secure SMEs and global corporations alike — across all major platforms and tech stacks.


12 Wind Street, 5th Floor, New York, 10020, USA


Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London, EC9V 2NX, UK


Prenzlauer Promenade 11, 14189 Berlin, Germany

  • Security Testing
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